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​​​​Unchained Charities

Brainy Camps is a group of residential camps and retreats for children with chronic health conditions. We sponsored the two children below so they will be able to attend this camp 

Manny has a chronic 

​heart condition

"Our family's only vehicle was divided between frequent doctor's appointments and communting for our only income. It was cumbersome, sometimes not even possible. The members of the Unchained Few MC found us when we desperately needed a second vehicle. Not only did they care what our greatest need was, they were also prepared to meet it. Four years later their generosity is still at work in our lives. Employment is no longer compromised by doctor's appointments. We've been given security in always having access to reliable transportation. Not borrowing or renting a vehicle has allowed us to focus on the "who's" instead of the "how's". We can't thank our Unchained Family enough for filling our lives with relief on so many levels."

Manzo has Sickle Cell Anemia which caused a dangerously high fever,

stroke and several seizures which led to a coma causing brain damage. He is now forever wheelchair bound. 
We provided for his new special needs and 
increased his quality of life.

Testimonial by Mike Tudor - Logan's Grandfather

​I'm so glad that we got the opportunity to be part of this event!! Just the heart felt kindness and generosity you guys/gals showed us today can never be repaid!!!! Keep riding and stay safe!!! Thank you all for what I hope will make Chelsea Payne and Logan have some awesome memories together!!I   

Testimonial by Norman Chanaud - Carmen's Dad

"It's the simplest things in life that give us the most joyful feelings. Because of the efforts of the Unchained Few Motorcycle Club, Carmen is able to sit in a shower and comfortably wash her hair in order to get ready for a trip to the movies! Her bath chair provides her all the support she needs washing herself. Her greatest excitement comes when she can now drive her power chair on the Tilt-a-Rack chair transport system that was given to us by the club!"

Testimonial by Felica Thomas

The Unchained Few Motorcycle Club is such a great group of people, they do wonderful things for many families. I recently lost my husband to a horrible accident. He was the father of our two young daughters and the sole provider for our family. The Unchained Few contacted us and offered to try and help. They stepped up in a big way and raised enough money to pay off our home. I can't tell you what a burden this has lifted off my shoulders, knowing there is one less bill to pay every month. This has made it much easier for me to raise our two daughters by myself. We are now part of the Unchained Few MC family. All the past recipients come back each year to show their appreciation and to support the charity. It was great, the day was filled with wonderful memories and we made a bunch of new friends/family.

Thank you so much....
From our family to yours
~ The Thomas Girls  

New Leaf Acres

Provides a place of comfort and security 

to inspire children to find the positive within themselves and lead a more confident life.

We provided funding so that more children can receive the therapy they need. 

​​Noah has Autism, Epilepsy
and Mitochondrial disease,
making it difficult to 
We  provided him with
a laptop computer and various computer software 
which will greatly benefit his
special educational needs.

Through Our Hard Work,

Generous Donations From Our Corporate Sponsors


All The Clubs (too many to mention)

 We Are Able to Continue To Help Children In Need.

We Cant Thank You Enough​

   Susan Thibault,  Masons Mom 

2nd Annual Mitchell Ride Recipient 

Logan  is the 4 year old son of Chelsea Payne who has Huntington’s Disease and will not be able to see Logan grow up. We  send them to Disney, gave tickets to the Science Center, movies, B&O railroad, baseball game, etc. So Logan would have  lasting memories of his mother.

How we helped Ashley and Trish Bailey

Donations helped to purchase an affordable vehicle, including insurance and gas gift cards, in order to allow her mom to get a better job and take Ashley to therapy appointments. We were also able to purchase an adaptable therapy tricycle for Ashley.

​​Testimonial by Vicky Sylvain- Mitchell's Mom

We would never have been able to move forward with the construction of Mitchell's "fully accessible wheel chair" elevator this year if the Mitchell Ride had not occurred. We are thrilled to have this wonderful event continue to happen on an annuaql basis, and we are honored that Mitchell's name will still be used. The Unchained Few Motorcycle Club and Unchained Charities Inc. will help so many families and children in need."

Alyssa has Dwarfism with multiple bone defects in both legs.

We remodeled her bedroom into a "big girl" room which greatly suited her special needs. 

Karigan has

type 1 Diabetes 

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Please Help Children In Need! 

Thank You!

Testimonial by Susan Thibault - Mason's Mom

"Because the Unchained Few Motorcycle Club was willing to ride in the rain, I will no longer have to worry about a lack of transportation for Mason's doctor appointments. We could not have done this on one income. It isn't everyday that strangers will allow us to just be parents while others worry about some of your financial needs. That's what the Unchained Few did for our family!"